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In this region, coffee has been cultivated since the 1950s. Today, virtually every farm on the mountain has become a coffee-producing unit and what was once one of the poorest and most isolated areas of Guatemala is vibrant and growing.  Rainy and cloudy, Oriente is located on a former volcanic range. Its soil is made of metamorphic rock: balanced in minerals and quite different from soils in regions which have seen volcanic activity since coffee was first planted.

Region profile

  • 64 - 77ºF
  • 72 - 80 in
  • 70 - 80%
  • 4300 - 5600 ft

Oriente in the cup

Well balanced and full-bodied with a chocolaty flavor.

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Contact information

Guatemalan National Coffee Association

Calle del Café, 0-50 zona 14

Guatemala, Guatemala, 01014


PBX: +502 2421-3700