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Polish your coffee offerings

Wondering how to enhance your coffee menu with amazing Guatemalan beans? Well, let’s talk roasting!

Guatemalan coffee farmers and exporting companies have a wide range of coffees to offer, including single estate, single varietal, different processing methods (washed, honey, natural, etc.). We are sure that among these treasures, there is a gem for you.


Flavor booster

If you are thinking about creating or revamping your blend, don’t forget that an 84+ scoring Guatemalan Coffee can add complex acidity, as well as hints of citrus, stone fruits, tropical fruit, berries, nougat, or jasmine to your blend. Nothing better than a Guatemalan Coffee as a flavor booster. Check out the regional profiles to get a broad idea of what you can find.


As a base

A good coffee for a blend’s base has to be clean and sweet. If you are into high scoring coffees don’t miss asking your farmer/exporter for SHB blenders, usually scoring 80-84 points in the SCA protocol. If the price point is critical for you, don’t miss the Hard Bean (HB) and Extra Prime Washed (EPW) grades, available in single estate offerings as well. 



Due to its clean flavor and strong character, Guatemalan washed robusta is an ideal option to add crema to your espresso blends and personality to your black-coffee offerings. 


Single and proud

Needless to say that specialty Guatemalan Coffee is greatly enjoyed alone. High scoring coffees, 85+, are available in a wide range of options. Single estates have been mastering their direct-trading skills and exporters/brokers are also great supporters of the farmers who want to access the specialty coffee market. Choose traditional or exotic varietals and different processing methods that bring unexpected flavors to the cup. 


If you are a roaster, keep surprising your customers with top-notch coffees; and if you’re a consumer, keep drinking the best!